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W10: Engagement Goals

W10: Engagement Goals

W10: Engagement Goals

Question Description

You will earn up to 20-points by completing the following goals:

  1. Post Third Reveal photo. (4 points)
  2. Respond to 5 Third Reveal Photos. (1 point per post)
  3. Post an Original Response to a forum question in the Week 10 discussion forum. (5 points)
  4. Respond to 2 Passion 1:1 videos (3 points each)

You do not need to submit anything to this dropbox to earn credit.

We grade the quality and quantity of your discussion posts in this class. Want to know more about how we grade quality? Check out the Engagement Goals Grading Guide here:

1. Post Third Reveal photo. (4 points) I took a selfie with a word “lazy.” So you can write something like after I retire my diving life, I become very lazy. I don’t go to gym often, and I grow up so much body fat. something like that.

2. Respond to 5 Third Reveal Photos. (1 point per post) “very short comment”

Student 1 “Underdog”

All my life I have never really been good at anything. I wasn’t good at sports after middle school, I wasn’t really smart, and when I was younger I was pretty awkward and anti-social. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to work harder than the average person to get somewhere in my life and always felt like everyone has something they are passionate about or something they are good at.. but I’ve never really had that. I’ve almost had to force myself to try and find things waaayyy out of my comfort zone because maybe I will like that or be good at that? I’ve had to try and work extra hard at homework and still sometimes don’t do as well as the person who barely attempted it. A lot of the times I’m always the underdog, because there’s not a whole lot that I think I really excel in… but I try.

Student 2 “Never Enough”

I would consider myself a HUGE perfectionist. These last few years I have found various ways to break down this trait of mine, but it is still really difficult for me. I set super high expectations for myself and a lot of times these are unreasonable expectations that no human could ever complete, yet when I do not reach them, I feel like I just didn’t do enough, I wasn’t good enough, or something just “wasn’t enough.” Playing hockey at such a high level as well as striving for a degree in Neuroscience, I have realized that I am going to fail A LOT. Failure doesn’t sit too well with me, yet I have taken steps towards realizing the growth that can come from failure.

Student 3 “Inadequate”

I have always had this fear that no matter how hard I try I would not be good enough. Whether that be academically, at my job, or in my personal relationships. Although the people close to me work hard to build up my self confidence, when they give me constructive criticism I find that those words stick with me the most- feeding into my fear of inadequacy. I have tried to build my self confidence (and slowly I have been) but I still find this fear to be debilitating in many parts of my life. Especially right now as I am trying to decide what is next for myself after graduation.

Student 4 “outsider”

Nearly all my life, I have been an outsider. I am half-Afghan and a half primarily English, which translates into neither through the eyes of each culture. I grew up on welfare and had fought very hard to achieve the American Dream of rags to success. That journey required breaking many ceilings – some created by others who wished to pull me down and others who did not believe I belonged at the next level. And unfortunately, at times, I created an unwelcome atmosphere. I have learned in this course that my tone-deafness to the song beneath the words caused the results I created. Sometimes that rejection affects me, but I have learned to cope and forget each trial fast. As my journey has changed to become a man of value, I know with the time I have invested in myself and reps of practice, I will overcome my harden warrior exterior and transform into a leader with a warrior soul.

Student 5 “Behind

This past year, I decided that I was completely changing my career path, which will require me to do an extra year of school and possibly grad school. I have been feeling extremely insecure about needing to stay another year and have been questioned and doubted by many people about this decision. One of my fears throughout my life has been about being “behind” other people – I am definitely an over-achiever and I love to be ahead and be the best at things. It has been hard not only with school, but also watching friends start to get married, start careers, move to new cities, buy houses and cars, knowing I will have to delay those things temporarily. I have been extremely humbled throughout this summer and have also realized that being “successful” isn’t about being the highest achiever or the smartest person in the room or getting things done sooner than others; it’s about being who you are and using the talents and strengths you have to the best of your ability. I’m still growing in this, and still struggle with the fear of “falling behind”.

3.Post an Original Response to a forum question in the Week 10 discussion forum. (5 points)

What are you taking with you from this course?

Feel free to start your own discussion thread or to connect your thoughts to a classmates’s thread and ideas.

Here is a example from other student.

“From this course I am taking a lot away from it. I think one of the main things that I am taking away from it is that it is ok to step out of your comfort zone. I am not one that likes to talk about my personal life very often especially with people I am not comfortable with. Having to do that in this class made me realize that talking about that stuff with new people can help you make life long connections with someone. One other thing I am taking away from this class is the Balcony vs. Dance Floor concept. I am definitely one that is on the balcony more often than the dance floor. Reading about this concept made me realize that I need to be able to do both. Being more involved is good, so people are able to know your ideas and thoughts, but also just stepping back and watching from a distance you can also learn so much. “

4. Respond to 2 Passion 1:1 videos (3 points each)

I will give you more information about this.

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