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no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion post as directed using minimum 75 words each

no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion post as directed using minimum 75 words each

no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion post as directed using minimum 75 words each

Question Description


Throughout your studies, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. After you read each post, respond to your classmates. Make sure you respond substantively.

IT133: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand


There are a few ways one can use hyperlinks in Microsoft Word. The easiest way to insert a hyperlink into a document is to copy the URL of a web page and paste it. While this method is the simplest to use, it still requires the user to properly insert the hyperlink into the proper location and provide the proper citation associated with the hyperlink. The second option is to use the references tab and insert citation. Here, a user can insert the hyperlink directly into the citation. For a hyperlink that does not specifically relate to a URL where a word or set of words may be used to direct a user to a website, simply highlighting the words and right clicking on them will present the user with a link option. This will apply a hyperlink to the highlighted words and a URL can be added directing the user to the specified website.

One method for creating a table using Microsoft word is by using the inset tab and clicking table. Using this method, the user has two different options. One option is to insert a table and specify then number of rows or columns. This method works best if the user knows what the content of the table will be and the size of the table. This option does provide more specific settings but does not give the user a preview of the table until it has been created. Another option is draw a table. This option allows the user to draw individual cells of a table. However, this option can be somewhat difficult to use, as making each cell uniform and even can be somewhat difficult, especially when using a laptop. Using the drawing method provides more customization to each cell in the table, which can be useful if making a flyer, or handout. Each cell does not have to be the same size or in the same location, some cells can be separated by spaces. My preferred method for making a table in Word is to use the simple insert table function. Here, a user navigates to the insert tab and selects table. A drop-down menu appears with several boxes. By simply scrolling over the number of boxes for each cell in the rows and columns will present the user with a table preview. This in my opinion is the simplest and fastest way to create a table. The downside is if one needs a table with more rows and columns that what the simple insert function provides.

Kevin Ashby


I am a huge fan of hyperlinks. I think being able to do one click and be directed right where you want to go is amazing thing. My preference is to use the insert hyperlink under the insert tab. This allows me to cut and paste my URL and type whatever wording I want as the link. It makes it much easier for me, as opposed to writing the text, right clicking on it and inserting the hyperlink. The biggest issue with hyperlinks for me of course is using the wrong one. I have used these in my previous job and have had times when people say the link didn’t work because I left part of the link off. This can also be dangerous for online predators to take you somewhere you don’t want to go.

Tables can be inserted from the Insert tab. I think this is a quick way to get a table into Word. It is also nice that you can maneuver the cells to merge or split and add more or delete if need be. Sometimes instead of doing this I copy a table directly from Excel and paste it into my Word document. This makes it nice if you have already done some complicated calculations in Excel and don’t want to re-format the whole table.

Robert Green Jr.

IT190: Information Technology Concepts


Hello Professor and Classmates,

One program that I would like to learn more about is Prezi. Prezi is an alternative to MS PowerPoint. I don’t have PP on my laptop so I used Prezi for my Unit 2 assignment. Prezi is open source software with the option to purchase for more features. I used the basic/free addition of Prezi and it does just fine. I did have some trouble trying to insert use note for the assignment. After I completed my Unit 2 assignment there was an option to upgrade to Prezi Next, for free, where you can add use note. The problem with that is I was unable to transfer what I had completed in the classic version to the upgraded version. Next time I will know to start off in Prezi Next.

At work, I use RealFile to make updates to our website. It is proprietary software, an alternative or equilivant would be GoDaddy, which I use as well for our business. RealFile is more difficult to use than GoDaddy. You have to have knowledge of html and Java coding to use RealFile. I know enough to get me by.

I look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,

Angela S.


Hello everyone,

A piece of software that I currently have installed on my computer that I have not been able to use yet, but really want to learn how to use is Adobe Premiere Rush. This software is a proprietary piece of software that is used for editing video. I have used Apple Final Cut Pro in the past so I feel that I will be able to use Adobe Premiere Rush very easily once I am able to delve into it. I know that this is a proprietary piece of software because its is not free and it comes with a license agreement from the developer. If it were open source then I would be able to freely edit the coding for the program, but that is not an option with this program. An alternative that I was able to locate that is also a video editing software, but is open source is something called Kdenlive.

The benefit of using proprietary software is the support that is always readily available from the developer. The drawback of proprietary software is that it can sometimes be very expensive. The benefit of using open source software is that it is usually free and you can edit the software to your liking. The drawback of open source software is that it usually does not come with support from the original developer. The drawback with Kdenlive is that it is unorganized and not very user friendly. Being unorganized and non user friendly can make the software harder to use and harder to navigate, taking away from the time that should be used to properly edit the video.

Aaron Puckett

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