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New discussion question.

New discussion question.

New discussion question.

Question Description

For area 2 here are the resources you can use in your answer:

  • Online Campus: Capella’s version of a “student center,” this site includes everything you need to know to complete and manage your coursework.
  • Writing Center: This online resource provides a number of tools to develop and polish writing skills, especially in APA format. Students will find workshops and a writing studio with regular office hours to ask questions and receive guidance.
  • Quantitative Skills Center: Students can get assistance in math, statistics, and other quantitative skills areas. Post questions to teaching assistants or take labs about different aspects of statistics, how to study them, and how to use them.
  • Smarthinking: This online tutoring service offers academic help in a variety of subjects facilitated by experienced tutors. Capella students receive a set amount of minutes each quarter to “drop in” and ask questions, schedule appointments, or submit questions or papers for review offline.
  • Library: Capella’s online library is staffed by trained librarians to help with research for coursework, papers, and presentations.
  • Turnitin: Linked to all Capella classrooms, Turnitin generates “originality reports” that analyze a piece of writing to determine sources and detect plagiarism. This can be helpful to ensure the integrity of any written work.
  • Doctoral Support Advisors: Doctoral students have access to a team of advisors to help them through the program, including advising on the dissertation stage.
  • Academic Coaches/Program Advisors: Coaches and advisors are available to answer questions and provide support on everything from scheduling to academic challenges.
  • FlexPath Coaches and Tutors: Coaches are the primary contact for Capella students in the self-paced online format, answering questions and helping create and adjust the academic plan. Tutors are subject matter experts and available to answer any course content-related questions for FlexPath students.
  • Career Center: The Capella University Career Center’s counselors, resources, and tools help students and graduates manage their careers at every stage.


In this University Orientation Seminar, you have become more familiar with the Capella courseroom and Campus, practiced using academic skills that you will continue to refine throughout your program, andidentified individuals, resources, and strategies to support you in reaching your goals.

For this final assignment, you will create a personal Plan for Success. The purpose of this plan is to provide you with an opportunity to incorporate what you’ve learned in Orientation and prepare for your journey.

Remember that this plan is for you. Responding to the questions below in detail will help you:

  • Outline the steps you will take to achieve your goal of earning your degree.
  • Begin your journey by giving yourself direction, focus and motivation.
  • Prepare for your first phone meeting with your Academic Coach.

Creating Your Plan

For each of the categories below, reflect on the topic and consider what you have learned throughout the University Orientation Seminar. Using the questions as a guide, write a one- to two-paragraph summary of your plan for each category.

Area 1: Goals

Knowing your goals can help you visualize what your future could look like. Your short-term goals are the smaller steps you take to stay focused and on the path toward reaching your long-term goals.

  • What are your personal and professional goals (long-term goals) related to pursuing your degree?
  • What do you want to be different in your career as a result of completing your degree?
  • What are the steps (short-term goals) that might help you achieve that?

My plan for achieving my goals:

Area 2: Resources

In this Orientation you began identifying resources and strategies to help you further develop your academic skills and successfully complete your program. In this area, build upon the reflections you shared in your discussions.

  • Which resources will you utilize to support your academic growth?
  • How will you make time to use those resources?

My plan for utilizing the resources available to me:

Area 3: Learning Environment

In this Orientation, you reviewed resources and strategies that can contribute to being an effective online learner. It’s important to take the time now to identify steps you can take to create an environment that supports your learning.

  • How will you make room for this additional commitment in your life? What could interfere with your plans?
  • What type of environment do you expect to do your work in? Will your workspace or spaces help or hinder your ability to concentrate?
  • When do you plan to work on your courses? What time of day are you most effective?

My plan for creating an environment that supports my learning:

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