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Module 3 discussions

Module 3 discussions

Module 3 discussions

Question Description

Research in Health and Human Services

Module 3 Discussion 1


Now it is time for you to apply the concepts.

Go back to your Problems posting forum in Module 1. Copy and paste your original or edited problem statement here!

Edited problem statement;

Do males and females 18-29 years of age that receive 8 hours of behavioral counseling have less drug abuse as measured by a urine test compared to males and females 18-29 years that do not receive the counseling over a 6 month period?

Please POST your answers to each of the following questions:

  • What is/are your IVs?
  • What is/are your DVs?
  • Identify possible EVs that could impact your DV.
  • In order to increase the validity of your study, tell us how you would control your study to eliminate the impact of the EV s on your DV.
  • Please respond to at least one of your classmates by suggesting an additional EV that they may not have thought of.

Do not forget….be original; if your idea has been mentioned, think of another. There are generally an unlimited number of EVs due to the fact that we can never totally eliminate all things that might impact a relationship between variables.

This course is about recognizing and using evidence. So, in order to earn full points, you will need to support each of your postings with the appropriate evidence.

Educational concept:

Module 3: Accommodating a Teaching Lesson

In the last module you learned about different teaching methods and in this module you learned about individual differences. Now, I want you to combine these concepts by learning and sharing more about a specific teaching method you would use to teach others.

Choose one teaching method that you are interested in or would like to know more about (i.e., demonstration, group projects, one-to-one instruction, educational games, lecture, simulation, role playing, and self-instruction). Research this teaching method by using a professional resource outside of your textbook and in at least 350 words:

  • Briefly explain and apply this teaching method to ANY aspect of allied health education by creating a brief teaching scenario using this method.
  • Considering differences in literacy and health literacy, describe the topic and how you might teach it differently to someone less than 18 years of age, middle age, and elderly.
  • How you would accommodate individual differences such as age, race, gender, disabilities, culture, literacy, etc.

Theories and Foundation of Crisis Intervention


Maslow’s Theory & Crises

How does Maslow’s theory apply to the FSI family? to the victims of disasters such as hurricane Katrina? Discuss how you see this theory played out in real life events?

Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum)

A family recently served through the Family Services Initiative (FSI) felt they had nowhere to turn. A grandmother and her two teenage grandchildren were being kicked out of the home they shared with their uncle, thus making them homeless. There was a real threat that they would be on the streets with nowhere to turn. At that point, a Child Protective Investigator became involved and contacted 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Inc. for help.

With support from FSI funds, the family was immediately placed in a motel close the children’s school – one that had been vetted through FSI and assigned to a PEHMS Navigator. The Navigator used funds through FSI and Central Florida Behavioral Health Network (CFBHN) to cover the rental fee for the 5 weeks they stayed in the motel, while also collaborating with a local real estate agent to secure permanent affordable housing close to the children’s school.

The family was registered to obtain “Relative Caregiver Funds” through the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) to activate benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Until those benefits kicked in, the Navigator provided funds for the family to purchase food.

Once affordable permanent housing was located for the family, the Navigator covered the rental deposit for the apartment, and also connected the family with Hands Across the Bay to assist with the utility deposits. In addition, the Navigator was able to work with the real estate agent to ensure that the family was placed in an apartment next to a grandmother raising her own grandchildren, thus strengthening both families’ support systems. Finally, the family was connected to Kinship Care to provide long-term guidance and support.

A little over $2,700 of FSI funds were accessed to support this family through their transition from the brink of homelessness to a stable, affordable environment. Had they not been given this hand up, the children, given their age, would likely have been separated and placed in group foster homes. This would’ve resulted in an estimated $50,000 in costs to the community, not to mention the long-term trauma inflicted upon the family.

By accessing FSI approved vendors, there was also a realized cost-savings of more than $4,500…the amount it would’ve cost the family for temporary housing, food, transportation and more, as they traveled from agency to agency completing the necessary paperwork for services. And by connecting the family with existing, longer term support services, such as Kinship Care and Hands Across the Bay, an additional $5,000 was saved.

This was a family on the brink of crisis and splitting up. But they are together and they are stronger because of the Family Services Initiative. And there are many more like them…

Theories and Foundation of Crisis Intervention


Your Turn to Share!

Research and Review studies or theorists (Victor Franks, Carl Rogers, Erik Erikson, etc.) that have contributed to the field of Crisis Intervention..pick at least 1.

Here are some ideas (or you may pick your own)

* Studies done with Veterans

* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

* Large Scale Disasters

* Child Abuse

* Domestic Violence

* Acts of Terrorism

* School shootings/bombings

Provide a summary of your research and share a resource (upload an article, share a website, etc.)

Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum

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