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Landfill Harmonics and 21st-Century Skills

Landfill Harmonics and 21st-Century Skills

Landfill Harmonics and 21st-Century Skills

Question Description

please read the instruction

THis was the questions but don’t answer this read the 2 post and reply to them

  • Describe the Learning and Innovation 4Cs (i.e., communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) (click on the 4Cs Research Series tab on the right-hand side of the page) as well as Life and Career Skills from the Framework for 21st Century Learning (see item 4 under 21st Century Student Outcomes) that you perceive the students learned and applied as a result of their participation in the Landfill Harmonic project.
  • Describe the cultural competencies you perceive were demonstrated by the students in the Landfill Harmonic project (these are summarized in the Instructor Guidance for this week).
  • Describe the social factors and attitudes you perceive were needed to initiate the project, including a consideration of the cross-cultural skills that may be necessary for supporters to sustain the Landfill Harmonic project.

. In your responses, compare the 21st-century skills and cross-cultural skills your peers identified with the ones you described. You are encouraged to ask questions about their posts. Questions might include requests for clarification on points made or for elaboration on an area of their post. Though two replies is the basic expectation for this discussion, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you. Write something about both post separate the answer

need to write 100 words for each post


The Learning and Innovation 4C’s are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Critical thinking involves working through problems to find a resolution. As a result of living on a landfill, the students were able to find ways to incorporate music into their skill set. Communication involves presenting thoughts and or ideas quickly and clearly (using proper context and tone). Collaboration involves working together to reach the common goal. Practicing collaboration helps students (and teachers) understand how to address a problem (critical thinking) , present solutions, and come up with the best course of action. Finally, Creativity involves thinking past what is normal and doing something different. Each one of these skills was applied by the students who are participants in the Landfill Harmonic Project. They have taken a negative situation and made something positive. By using the recycled goods in the landfill, they were able to make musical instruments to form an orchestra. Being poor and not having many resources did not prevent them from using their creativity to connect with others.


the second post

After watching this video, I was impressed by people’s resilience. Making instruments out of trash is a genius idea, especially if that is all of the resources available. We need to have an open mind when it comes to cultural differences. Since Paraguay is a developing country and It is known for its landfill. To the world, trash is nothing; however, to these people, it is a means of living. Most of the children in this area are prone to drugs and gangs. There aren’t many other outlets for the children to explore. Giving them this opportunity to make music is a blessing. Now the whole world can see how they can thrive, giving what is up against them.

The Landfill project, consider several factors — the affordability of the instruments and attracting children to be a part of the orchestra. I was impressed by the fact that not many people in the area haven’t heard the children played up until it was aired on television. It just tells me that this area was ignored by the world. I love the fact that their safety was taken into consideration. If money was raised to get instruments, then it will probably get stolen. To hand-make, the instruments not only kept them safe but also gave them a sense of ownership.

All factors of the 4c’s were incorporated into the Landfill Harmonic project. Communication is an important key to this project. Many of the people of the community had to be open to this idea of making instruments. Collaboration the key because the concept had to pitch and many came together to support the envision. Creativity was the key to making the project come to life. In the video, the teacher said that “ The price of one of the instrument is the same cost of a house. Instead of contemplating what the children don’t have to make music, they used the resources from the community to construct the instruments. Critical thinking played a major role because the instruments had to play, just as if they were the real ones.

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