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I Need Help With My Homework

I Need Help With My Homework

I Need Help With My Homework

Question Description

FIR 2302 Discussion Board Unit VI

Explain the procedures your department or a department near you would follow when investigating a high-dollar-loss fire or a fire resulting in an injury or fatality. Do you feel your department is prepared for these types of investigations? Why, or why not? What can be done better?

I have to respond to my classmate discussion board question

In your response to a classmate’s post, provide additional insight that might help with the investigation process.

I believe my department is prepared for such an investigation for numerous reasons. First, I have been involved in a call that resulted in a fatality. It was actually a murder, so that prevented more challenges. The first thing we did was quarantine the scene, with 24 hour fire watch, meaning we had fire companies there around the clock, along with police officers. The second thing is, we have our state Fire Marshal’s office in our backyard, so we have access to a number of resources not readily available to others. Our investigations unit was able to apprehend the suspect within 24 hours of the initial fire, which is pretty respectable in terms of time. We have done the same thing years past, when we had a rash of church fires in a short period of time as well. I think for a department our size in a community of 140,000 people, we do pretty dang good at these type of events. Of course that doesn’t mean things can’t be done better. Sometimes our investigators forget they are firefighters first, and police second. Nobody can deny there is usually a difference in the mentality of a firefighter compared to that of a police officer.

EH 1020 UNIT I (VZC)

Part II: You now know that you will be engaged in a research project for the rest of this course. Your investment in the outcome of the project often has a good deal of reliance upon the topic about which you choose to write. The more interest you have in your topic, the more you will be driven to learn more about it and to write about it so you want to choose a topic that will hold your interest as you learn about the process of writing a research paper.

Use some of the following questions to help shape a reflection about the topic you are considering for your research paper.

Think about some of your favorite subjects. What interests you the most? What ideas do you have about a topic? You may want to mention and then briefly explain three ideas that you have, pointing out the topic idea that is most appealing to you.

What thoughts do you have about the topic right now (prior to researching it)? What do you expect to find when you research the topic? What do you hope to learn about? What are some of your assumptions right now?

I have to respond to my classmate discussion board question

Greetings…While my friends and associates call me Bob or Rob, my name is actually Robert. I am currently an investigator and crisis/hostage negotiator for a sheriff’s office, approximately 60 miles south of Kansas City, however, this may be my last year in law enforcement; after six years as an MP with the military police, and with 28 years in civilian law enforcement, there is a strong chance I may be retiring next year. My wife and I reside approximately 60 miles south of Kansas City where I serve an agency that stretches over an area approximately 650 square miles; this jurisdiction includes a large number of lake communities, as well as six small towns with populations between 1500 and 5000 each. In addition to working in law enforcement, my wife and I farm (as most rural peace officers do) to supplement our income and help prepare our nest egg for retirement; however, as we have been empty-nesters for the past 15 or so years, and the children having no interest in farming, this too is going to change. I have my associates degree in criminal justice, and now am only “two” classes away from my bachelor’s degree (this and a criminal administration course); which puts my bachelor’s degree only eight more weeks out. So far, I’m undecided as to whether or not to pursue my master’s degree….time will tell. Pending retirement, our plan is to uproot from Kansas and move to Europe. I’ve had the privilege of teaching some interim classes for new part-time officers at the state police academy in Hutchinson, Kansas, and since then have been offered part-time teaching positions in both Warsaw and Vienna. One of the reasons that we’ve not up and moved to Europe as of yet, was that both police academies in Vienna and Warsaw require that I have my bachelor’s degree.

Regarding the course’s research project, I’ve been in law enforcement for a total of 33 years, and the biggest stickler I’ve had with my profession is the issue of integrity and ethics. Over my career I’ve witnessed numerous chiefs, sheriffs, police officers and deputies jeopardize their careers from questionable ethics and integrity issues; the question is, what can be done to deter unethical behavior…ethical issues involving both rank and file, and administration. This would address accountability as well as prevention methods. As for other topics….my interests include any one of a myriad of different topics; for a hobby we travel extensively, when given a break, so, between a geographic discourse and “something involving law enforcement”, I will have to give it some thought; as it was pointed out, I’ll have to find a topic that will not only spark my interest, but hold my interest.

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