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HR Management

HR Management

HR Management

Question Description

Replies should be approximately 100 to 150 words and you reply posts should consist of at least three of the following:

Ask a probing or clarifying question.

Share an insight from having read the colleague’s posting. Offer and support an opinion.

Validate an idea with your own experience.

Make a suggestion.

Expand on the colleague’s posting.

Ask for evidence that supports the posting.

Always be respectful and collegial.


I am the most familiar with overtime pay, tips incentive plans, hourly rates and shift differentials. I have the most experience with hourly rates, because I am payed hourly where I am currently employed and have only been paid hourly by previous employers. I believe hourly pay is appropriate for the work being done, because I feel I am being compensated fairly. Any hours I work after my 40 hours during a work week is considered overtime pay. Overtime pay is not offered often, but when it is, I try to take advantage of it. The company I previously worked for would pay a shift differential whenever I would pick up an overnight shift. I believe this type of pay was appropriate for the work being done during the hours it was being done. I feel those who work the overnight shift should be compensated because it is not an easy shift to work. Most people go for the morning and afternoon shifts because it is easier to function during those shifts and you do not lose majority of your day sleeping trying to catch up from working overnight. My current employer offers tips incentive/ bonus plans if we can keep our numbers in the first tier for certain things required by insurance companies.


I started working when I was 16 years old. As horrible as it sounds, when I was 16 money was money. I did not know that there were so many different types of pay such as salaries, hourly rates, price rates, shift differentials, overtime pay, tips, incentive plans, commissions and so much more. An hourly employee is paid for each hour worked and is generally a non-managerial, service, retail, or part-time employee. Most hourly employees are considered non-exempt from federal labor laws, which means they receive overtime pay whenever they work more than 40 hours a week. A salaried employee is hired based on a prearranged compensation for work performed, usually as an annual amount. Salaried employees are exempt from overtime pay and minimum wage requirements and often have managerial or professional responsibilities. Commission is a form of compensation that’s typically based on an employee’s sales performance or completion of a task. Commission can be paid in addition to a salary or instead of a salary. Hourly employees who also receive a commission must be paid at least the minimum wage for hourly workers. Overtime is paid for any hour an employee works beyond an 8-hour workday or a 40-hour work week. Employers must pay hourly employees at least 1.5 times their regular pay rate for every overtime hour worked.

Cash tips are gratuities that are paid to employees in cash, rather than through their paycheck. You enter the reported cash amount so that we can withhold the taxes for these tips when you create paychecks. I have pretty much had experiences with all of these types of pay. From being paid hourly as a customer service role at Hollister in high school to working as a server and bartender on tips in college to making a salary this year with commission. I think that each job was appropriate for the pay and the work being done. I think that the commission structure could use some work but I understand that they pay a salary and the bonus is based on how well you perform.


Mondy, R. W., & Martocchio, J. J. (2016). Human resource management. Boston: Pearson Education.


Salary increases are a great way to motivate employees. Everyone is motivated by money in some capacity and increasing the money an individual makes is always going to motivate them in some way or another. I think that merit based pay increases are the best way to motivate an employee. People enjoy being recognized and rewarded for their hard work. Incentive based pay increases such as this is, a great way to show an employee that their hard work is important and appreciated. Having merit based pay systems in place is a great way to motivate employees long-term. The text discusses how this pay structure “motivates future performance” (Mondy, 2016, p.229). This happens because after an employee notices that they are being rewarded for hard work they continue to work hard seeking more rewards. I also think that cost of living pay increases can be quite motivational. It is important that employees feel as though they are making enough money to support themselves. They cannot do that if they feel as though they are not making enough to afford the place they are living at. This is why, if an employee receives an increase in pay due to cost of living, they may feel as though their job is more stable for them and they may be more inclined to stay and perform with the current company.

Mondy, R. Wayne & Martocchio, Joseph, J. (2016). Human Resource Management (14th ed.)., Direct Financial Compensation (Core Compensation),Chapter 9.


I have personally always liked the concept of a “spot bonus.” “Spot bonuses are relatively small monetary gifts provided to employees for outstanding work or effort during a reasonably short period of time” (Mondy, 2016). I believe that this idea is a great way to motivate employees’ because people generally have short memories and attention spans. So having a visual reminder like a one hundred dollar bill or a gift card is a great way to motivate employees’ to work harder or complete a difficult task. I had a manager once that used spot bonuses to motivate me and my co-workers. I was working as a sales associate and the team I was on was not meeting our monthly sales goals. My manager did not have the authority to pay commission or increase our pay in any way. So he introduced a sales competition in which the winner would win a one hundred dollar bill and if the team met the monthly sales goal we would be treated to a nice lunch. Even though the one hundred dollars and the lunch were relatively small bonuses everyone on the team felt appreciated because their hard work was noticed, valued and rewarded. A spot bonus is a great way to show appreciation and when employees’ feel appreciated they are motivated to work harder.


Martocchio, J., & Mondy, R. (2016). Human resource management (14th Ed.). Pearson

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