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english 1101

english 1101

english 1101

Question Description

Can anyone answer these????? please….

1) choose the letter of the best correctionfor the run-on or comma splice in this sentence:
Shakeyma knew what of stories (she liked best. she took) time picking out her library book for each week.
a. she liked best, but she took, b. she liked best, therefore she took, c. she liked best, and she took, d. she liked best and so then she took
2) When reading an image, one question to ask is:___________
a. is the image copyrighted?, b. what are the fact of publication?, c. what is the purpose of the image?, d. what is your preliminary response?
3)Choose the best correction for the rub-on or comma splice in this sentence:
Mariah walked into the (kitchen she) saw that the kitten had batted all of the cat chow out of its bowl and onto the kitchen floor.
a. When Mariah ….. kitchen, she saw, b. kitchen and she, c. kitchen, therefore she, d. she, therefore saw
4) When evaluating a work, you are asked to ____________.
a. summarize its main points, b. identify the author’s assumptions, c. judge its quality and significance, d. note the facts of publication
5) Choose the letter of the best correction for run-on or comma splice in this sentence:
Jenna knows that she procrastinates too(much she) put off studying for her history exam until the night before the test, and she still has not begun to research the term paper that is due next week,
a. much; for example, she, b. much, therefore she, c. When jenna…. much, she, d. much, she therefore
6) choose the best correction for the run-on or comma splice in this sentence:
A student may have studied and mastered the (material, test anxiety) may cause a student to perform poorly.
a. the material, however, test anxiety, b, Even though a student…. material, test anxiety, c. Even though a student…. material, test anxiety, d. the test anxiety material; this
7)choose the letter of the best correction for the run-on or comma splice in this sentence:
The parking garage was dark and (deserted. Bryan) hoped he would not be mugged.
a. deserted because Bryan, b. deserted while Bryan, c. deserted, and Bryan, d. deserted and so Bryan
8) In developing an argument, your initial opinion should meet the following requirement:__________.
a. it includes personal preferences or beliefs, b. it contains popular and generally accepted ideas, c. it can and will be disputed, d. it is based on indisputable facts
9) When using emotional appeal in your written argument, be sure the emotional appeal ________.
a. does not raise emotional issues irrelevant to the claims and evdence, b. incorporates sarcasm and biases to underscore your argument, c. uses exclamation points to express your passion about subject, d. does not take into account what the readers’ feelings may be
10)Which of the following sentences is the correct way to ask an indirect question?
a. I wonder if classes will be cancelled due to the snowstorm?, I wonder if classes will be cancelled due to the snowstorm. c. I wonder if classes will be cancelled due to the snowstorm!, d. I wonder(?) if classes will be cancelled due to the snowstorm.
11) What voice is used in academic writing?
a. third-person, b. first-person, c. second-person, d. compound
12) A sentence can be ended with which of the three following punctuation marks?
a. a colon, a semicolon, or a period, b. a period, a comma, or anexclamation point, c. a semicolon, a period, or an exclamation point, d. a question mark, anexclamation point, or a period
13) When composing an email message, you should________.
a. leave the subject line blank so the the reader can fill it in as appropriate, b. write just a single paragraph for the convenience of your reader., c. avoid proofreading so that the message can be sent in timely manner., d. after statements, mild commands, and indirect qusetions
14) Both a statement and a mild command should end in a/an _________.
a. exclamation point, b. period, c. question mark, d. ellipse
15)An exclamation point is used ______________.
a. to show anger, b.after a direct or indirect statement, c. after an emphatic statement, inerjection, or command, d. after statements, mild commands, and indirect questions
16) When writing reports and proposals, _________.
a. state your reason for writing in the first sentence, as your reader will likely dispose of the document quickly, b. research and being well-informed are important in the preparation stage, c. focus less on the format and more on the title, d. headings and bulleted listd tend to distract the reader
17) An extermporaneous speech means it is ______.
a. read alound from a written presentation, b. spoken with some prepartion but not written out or memorized. c. a speech that involves no preparation, d. a prepared presentation delivered without notes

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