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Discussion post response/feedback

Discussion post response/feedback

Discussion post response/feedback

Question Description

1. Due to the rising number of terrorist attacks and drug usage rates in the U.S. it is safe to say that the United States should focus more of its’ resources on securing its’ borders in regards to Mexico and Canada. One supplier of drugs in the U.S. that most citizens do not consider is that of its’ bordering countries. In fact, a recent study revealed that “Mexican drug trafficking organizations are the largest foreign suppliers of illicit drugs such as (but not limited to) heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine to the United States” (Lee, Renwick, Labrador; 2019). Given this statistic one would take the severity of this fact and decide to enforce more security at the U.S.’s borders so as to deter more and more illegal substances making their way into U.S. territory. This in turn might help the United States problem with their own war on drugs, which costs billions of dollars each year for things such as hospital bills, rehab centers, and funerals for overdoses.
Not only are the entry of drugs into the country an issue to the U.S. but also the potential terrorists/criminals who sneak in. It is true many travels to U.S. borders to seek citizenship for the right reasons such as the admittance to a better country, better opportunities and to have a better quality of life. There is nothing wrong with this however, along with those who seek better living circumstances are individuals who use these people as a shield to hide their true intentions. Individuals such as terrorists, dangerous gang members, drug dealers, and convicted criminals all travel with seemingly innocent groups of people to the borders so that they can pass by undetected. For instance, groups (or caravans) that were properly screened or checked at borders before admittance were found to “hold hundreds of convicted criminals says DHS Kirstjen Nielson” (Lee, Renwick, Labrador; 2019).
Now one way to combat these rising issues would be to employ more numbers to the borders of the U.S. respectively so that better checks could be made of the caravans to ensure no substances or criminals make their way inside. An by employ more numbers this means send more individuals to the CBP or “U.S. customs and Border Protection whose work includes inspecting immigrants and cargo at ports of entry, patrolling the border to the country’s north and south, and helping investigate criminal networks” (Felter, Laub; 2019). If this is done it could help eliminate some of the problems the U.S. has been facing in terms of illegal drugs, and excess number of criminals. It would further help secure the U.S. borders and ensure the safety of its’ citizens.

2. I believe that the United States is doing what they can do to secure the borders with Mexico and Canada but one problem is the immigrates that are already in the United States that are overstaying their visas. While cross-border migrants often make headlines, the largest number of illegal migrants settling in the US each year is those who stay in the country after their visas expire. This has been the case since 2007, official statistics say. In 2016, there were a total of 739,478 overstays, compared to 563,204 illegal border crossings. (BBC News).

In the first half of 2019, Mexico set a record for homicides, with 17,608, up 5.3 percent compared with the same period of 2018. The country of almost 125 million now has as many as 100 killings a day nationwide.

“Certain criminal gangs are fighting over territory, to control activities related to drug production distribution and consumption,” Mr. López Solís said. “Unfortunately, this conflict results in these kinds of acts that justifiably alarm the public.”

For years, Mexican cartels had seemed loath to draw attention to themselves with mass public displays of bodies. Instead, the gangs went to great lengths to hide bodies, by creating clandestine burial pits or dissolving corpses in caustic chemicals.

3. I think the United States should legalize the use of marijuana simply because marijuana is not any more harmful to a person’s body and health than consuming alcohol or using tobacco and it should be that person’s choice as to whether or not they want to use marijuana. If marijuana was to become legal in the United States, I think it should be regulated in the same fashion as alcohol and tobacco. There should be age restrictions, reasonable punishments for driving under the influence, and also restrictions on how much marijuana a person can buy at a time.
By making marijuana legal in the United States, just like alcohol and tobacco, issues and problems will arise. My main issue is people using marijuana during working hours. I would not want to go to a restaurant or any retail business if employees are under the influence of marijuana. My reasoning behind this is because marijuana has a distinct smell that many consumers may not appreciate, and I just don’t think it should be taken place in a professional business environment. Another issue that may arise, like alcohol and tobacco, is underage use.
Underage drinking is, in fact, a serious issue and should be handled seriously. Someone who supplies an underaged person alcohol should always be held responsible if anything were to happen. I see this happen a lot in the military. A shipmate throws a house party and invites his/her co-workers. There is no easy way of knowing who is of age unless you ID everyone that walks through the door, but if an underage sailor gets busted under the influence from being at that party the underage sailor and the sailor/sailors associated with the underage sailor gets the same punishment.


Should the United States legalize the consumption of recreational marijuana and treat it similarly to the consumption of alcoholic beverages?

The short answer to this is yes. The United States should legalize the recreational use of marijuana. I also agree there should be an age on when use is appropriate, and the consumption of it while operating a motor vehicle.

What issues or problems may arise from that policy choice?

There is a variety of issues which will arise out of this policy. The first issue is the use of those who are underage. Just like alcohol underage use will be an issue among youth. When dealing with a driver who may be under the influence of marijuana there is no good test to determine the level of impairment or intoxication. Additionally, if the sale of marijuana is not regulated the potency and quality of the substance is not fully known. The legislature in any given state should consider these issues and address them prior to legalizing marijuana. Unfortunately, many did not consider these issues before passing the law and are now trying to create legislation after the fact.

Underage drinking is a serious issue for many reasons, including the potential for drunk driving accidents that may result in injury or even death. Who do you think should be held criminally responsible for underage drinking at events such as fraternity parties?

Underage drinking is a problem with various consequences. When determining who should be held criminally responsible for the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages to underage persons, we must look at the elements of a crime. There may or may not be a need for intent or knowledge. In the case of the fraternity party, those in the fraternity who are of age and were at the party may be held responsible especially if they bought the alcohol with the knowledge those who are underage would consume it. Perhaps the owner of the property if they have knowledge or should reasonably know underage drinking would occur and did nothing to prevent it could be held criminally responsible.

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