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can you help with this paper

can you help with this paper

can you help with this paper

Question Description

2: Industrialization and the Rise of a Regulated Economy

For History 105: Dr.
Stansbury’s classes

Due Week 6 and worth 120 points. The formal deadline is on
Monday morning at 9am Eastern Time; this is the next day after Week 6
ends. Watch announcements, emails, and postings for exact dates and any
holiday notes that sometimes arise.

university is adopting a tool called ecree for helping and
doing writing assignments in many classes. In our History 105 class, we will be
using the ecree program only for EXTRA CREDIT as a tool for
doing work on your rough draft of the paper.
We hope this approach
encourages more rough drafting and revision work by students as well as makes
students familiar with this useful new tool.
For Assignment 2, in the Week 6 unit, you will see the link “EXTRA
CREDIT: ROUGH DRAFT….”—that is where you can get up to 5 points of extra
credit. Instructions will be posted there in the early days of the
summer course. If you try this option, you will be able to use the file
developed in ecree as a rough draft; you will then download that draft and edit
it further. Then, once your paper is fully polished and
finished as you see fit, you will then submit it at the next link in the
RISE ……”.

BACKGROUND FOR THE PAPER:This is a 5-paragraph paper based on research in designated
sources. It is a position paper in which you support a thesis statement
by reason and historical examples. The United States went through dramatic economic change after the
Civil War, as industrialization spread rapidly and changed society. This
transformation and some of the apparent abuses that developed (monopolistic
practices, work conditions, low wages, arbitrary and oppressive expectations)
led to an increased role of the government in regulating businesses and
society. Government might intervene on the side of business owners for a
variety of reasons. Or it might intervene on the side of workers. Or it
might intervene for more general reasons. This role was heightened as
government was viewed as the arbiter between business and organized labor. One
can explore these developments from 1865 on through to the end of the
1930s. Examine the two statements
below and drawing from provided sources, present a paper with specific examples
and arguments to demonstrate the validity of your position. [Don’t use this background
paragraph in your paper.]

Topic and Thesis
Statement—choose one of the following as your Thesis Statement:

THESIS STATEMENT 1. From the late 1800s to the end of the 1930s, increasing
government interventions and regulations of business tended to help the overall
economy and the common workers.

. From the late 1800s to the end of the 1930s, increasing
government interventions and regulations of business tended to hurt the overall
economy and the common workers.

·Plan to make that thesis
statement the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. The general
subject is GOVERNMENT ECONOMIC INTERVENTIONS and regulations in that period of
history. You may moderate the wording slightly to fit more precisely the
position you wish to take. This is NOT a simple statement of a topic; it
is a statement of a position you are taking about that topic. p.s.—Valid
arguments and “A” papers can be made with either thesis. So, you choose
the one you think is the stronger position.

After giving general
consideration to your readings so far and any research (using sources listed on
this sheet), select one of the positions above as your position—your thesis.
(Sometimes after doing more thorough research, you might choose the reverse
position. This happens with critical thinking and inquiry. Your final paper
might end up taking a different position than you originally envisioned.) Organize
your paper as follows, handling these issues with this FOUR-PART
(see TEMPLATE also):

—one paragraph.
INTRODUCTION AND THESIS STATEMENT. The position you choose will be
the thesis statement in your opening paragraph; make it the last sentence of
the paragraph.

—two paragraphs normally.
FOUR EXAMPLES. To support your thesis, use four specific examples from
different decades
between 1865 and 1940. However, one of your four
examples must be from the 1930s. The examples should be specific and clearly
support your thesis. These should be examples of actual government
intervention (not just the hope for it). In these paragraphs one
generally must have in-text citations to support your specific examples and to
show where the information was found. Spread out the examples—different
decades. Make the examples SPECIFIC. The FORMAT SAMPLE paper can
also help on this part.

—one paragraph normally.
DEALING WITH THE OPPOSING VIEW. The opposing view is the thesis statement you
did NOT choose. Identify the opposing view and explain why the opposing view is
weak in comparison to yours. No new research needed; just one paragraph of
critical thinking suggesting why your thesis/position is stronger than that
different view. Approach it this way: You adopted a thesis
statement. The opposing view is the thesis statement you did NOT adopt. You
might start this paragraph by saying “Some may disagree with my thesis and
argue that ——- .” THEN—you spend 3 or 4 sentences giving a
reasoned argument why your thesis is stronger than the opposing view.

—one paragraph: LEGACY
TODAY AND CONCLUSION: Consider your life and work today in relation to
issues of government involvement and regulation of business and the
economy. Also consider your major. Many of these types of
government economic programs, laws, and regulations from this period (late
1800s to the 1930s) became a normative part of our economic structure. In what
way does the history you have shown shape or impact issues in your workplace or
desired profession? This will work as the conclusion paragraph. Be
succinct. Keep your thesis statement in mind. The FORMAT SAMPLE paper has
good suggestions for this part also.

After the fourth part
concluding the paper, be sure you have the numbered list of sources at the
end. And be sure each source listed is also used and cited clearly in the
body of the paper. The FORMAT SAMPLE paper illustrates this.

Length: The paper should be
500-to-750 words in length. 500 is a minimum. 750 is a guideline as a
maximum. This word-count does not include any title page or sources list.

Research and References: You
must use a MINIMUM of three sources; . Your other two
sources must be drawn from the list provided below on this instruction sheet
This is guided research, not Googling.

Source list for Assignment
Most primary sources
listed below can be accessed via direct link on the
list. For others on the list, they are accessible through the permalink
at the end of the source entry. Those sources (listed below) have as
part of the URL—this is the permalink to that source in our university’s online
library. (The link takes you to the library log-in; you then log in, and then
the source appears for you right away). Each source below is shown in SWS
form, so if you use it, you may easily copy the entire entry onto your paper’s
sources list. (On a paper, never list an item as URL link only.)

SWS Form for the textbook:

Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST: Volume 2: U.S. History since 1865.
5th ed.

Choose sources relevant to the
topic government economic interventions and the position you are taking:

D. P. Del Mar. 1998. Region and
Nation: New Studies in Western U.S. History.…

S. Gompers. 1914. The American
Labor Movement: Its Makeup, Achievements, and Aspirations.…

S. M. Jacoby. Oct.,
1983. Union Management Cooperation in the United States: Lessons from
the 1920s.…

R. La Follette.
1924. La Follette’s Progressive Platform.…

T. C. Leonard. Spring, 2009.
American Economic Reform in the Progressive Era: Its Foundational
Beliefs and their Relation to Eugenics.…

H. D. Lloyd. June, 1884.
The Lords of Industry from North American Review, 331. In Modern
History Sourcebook.…

E. Rauchway. 2008. The
Great Depression and the New Deal: A Very Short Introduction. eBook.…

Populist Party Platform.

Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST:
Volume 2: U.S. History since 1865. 5th ed.

Upton Sinclair.
1906. Attack on the Meatpackers.…

L. Steffens. 1904. The
Shame of the Cities.…

F. W. Taylor. 1911. The
Principles of Scientific Management.…

S. Vaheesan. Jan-Mar, 2019. The
Progressives’ Secret Weapon.…

J. Whitaker. 1871. The Impact
of the Factory on Worker Health. Retrieved from…

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